Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah Palin on the Holocaust Museum Shooting

Yesterday, Governor Sarah Palin issued this simple, elegant statement following the National Holocaust Museum shooting:

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the shooting victims at the National Holocaust Museum. The museum itself remembers and honors the lives lost in one of the world's most horrific genocides. To have an act of intolerance further spread hatred at this place of reflection, further adds to the grief. My heart goes out to all those impacted, especially the brave guards who acted so selflessly to prevent further injury. May God Bless the Jewish community."

President Reagan couldn't have said it better.


  1. [transcribed from Facebook]
    Gail Morris at 4:08pm June 13 said:
    I, too, believe the Holocaust was horrific and am glad that finally some of those responsible are being found and prosecuted. However, regarding Governor Palin, her own constituents, the Eskimos, are having a very hard time with some of her decisions about Alaska. Colleen McNulty has lived there for several years and she said that those living there do not care for her at all.

  2. [transcribed from Facebook]
    Morton A. Goldberg Dvm at 6:56pm June 13 said:
    Gail, how could Colleen's statement possibly be right? Alaska'a enormous -- 572,000 square miles, or over twice the size of Texas, which is "only" 262,000 square miles. Unless Colleen knows the views of every one of the residents of that huge area with regard to Palin, she cannot truthfully say "that those living there do not care for her at all."

    Had she qualified her observation with a descriptor such as "some of," I'd certainly believe it. After all, Palin unquestionably has enemies -- on BOTH sides of the aisle. For obvious reasons, the Democrats don't like her because she regularly beats them nearly every time they butt heads. In addition, many members of her own party --- the Murkowski/Stevens/Young good-old-boy network --- hate her for the same reason. Not only did she beat them, but she beat them so soundly that it was embarrassing.

    In any event, I base my opinion of Governor Palin on my own observations, and not upon what others may think.