Saturday, October 25, 2008

Berg's Reputation – and Ours – UPDATED AND BUMPED

If you're one of those who's been wondering if there's any truth to the allegations that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, you'd better check out this information about the man who brought the lawsuit: Philip J. Berg, Nutbar Supreme, which begins like this:

I think we have a winner in the "Who's the biggest kook in 9-11 Denial?" contest.
While I agree that it would be wonderful if Obama would conveniently turn out to be ineligible for the presidency, wishing will not make it come true. In order to be able to fight him effectively, our own reputations must be such that others take us seriously. By lending respectability to whackjobs such as Berg, we end up like the boy who cried wolf. In the future, people won't believe us even when we present them with incontrovertible facts.

Hat tip: Little Green Footballs

Saturday, 10/25/08, 4:21 PM UPDATE: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

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  1. Handled right, the Fed District Court throwing out Berg for lack of standing can present a political check-mate “win” on appeal for the anti-Obama side (if not in law, in the Court of Public Opinion). Here’s how: SIMPLY SPREAD AROUND OBAMA’S APPELLATE BRIEF HAVING TO ARGUE AGAINST AN AMERICAN VOTER’S RIGHT TO RAISE THE QUESTION UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. Should be a PR disaster for the Dems and Obama!!!