Friday, March 28, 2008

On Multiculturalism

A tolerant society is one that ignores differences and a multi-cultural one is one that highlights them.

~~~~~ Rabbi Jonathan Sacks of Great Britain, "The Home We Build Together"


  1. Superb.

    I grew up on the Mexican border with Hispanics, Catholic Mexican-Americans, Blacks, Chinese Americans, fundamental Baptists from Arkansas and Oklahoma and me an Anglo-Saxon high church Episcopalian from back East.

    Nobody said anything about multiculturalism, we just got along, accepted our differences and judged our playmates on whether they were nice kids or not. How naive.

  2. Exactly right.

    I grew up in New York City and its suburbs, then moved to Tennessee in 1971. In my experience, the New York City people were good at talking about tolerance while failing miserably at living it. Contrary to popular belief, those of different races, creeds, and religions are far more likely to be generally accepted in the South than in the self-described enlightened, sophisticated North.

    As is generally the case, some talk the talk, while others walk the walk. Seldom do the same individuals do both.