Sunday, March 23, 2008

Old Camp Cook's Introduction - Welcome, Mort

Welcome, Mort, to the wide opens spaces of blogging.

Are you going to invite the troll, so we can take aim at him with flame throwers?


  1. Great picture!

    No, I think we'll pass on the troll. S/he/it does quite enough damage on the other venue. No sense giving Her/him/it another soapbox.

  2. It's a pest over on the GasBuddy site. Besides reporting gas prices, we have a bunch of forums over there devoted to just about every conceivable subject except, perhaps, sourdough (undoubtedly 'cause no one has started one yet). One of the discussions began last August 25th in response to a seemingly simple weekly poll question presented by one of the site owners:

    "Do you believe the use of Fossil fuels causes Global Warming?

    Post your thoughts about this poll below."

    Well, some of us have been trying to discuss the subject in a normal, civilized manner, but this one dude seems to have embarked upon a holy crusade to suppress all discussion of the subject that does not conform with his beliefs. He's one of those for which man-made global warming has become a religion, with the Gore-acle as its High Priest.

    Basically, a real pain in the butt. If you're interested, you can take a look here: [Poll: 2007.35]: Do you believe the use of Fossil fuels causes Global Warming?.... (I even set it up so you can go through your Florida GasBuddy site :-)

  3. Guess I need to point out two things:

    First of all, aside from the original question at the top of the page, the posts are arranged newest first.

    Secondly, they only display the newest 4 pages or so. This guy posts so much that he causes the older posts to spool off the end and disappear much sooner than they should, so you can't see the ones from before the 2nd week of March.

    (I understand that they're available in the form of a big file with ALL the posts, but I figured I'd hold off on asking for it until the discussion winds down --- if I live that long! ;-)

  4. No thanks, I think global warming is cyclical (Spelling), I think it is just a cycle our earth is going through and will correct itself. How long ago did we hear we were going to be going through another ice age, 1984 or something like that?
    IMHO, we don't need the troll, but it's not for me to say.